Saturday, July 30, 2011

An update, of sorts

By Sundance:

Yesterday was something of a landmark, being the first anniversary of our return to Adelaide - or as we like to call it here, Radelaide. So to commemorate that, and to keep this blog active so Google doesn't decide to do anything funny with it, we thought it'd be nice to tell you a bit about what we've been up to.

As we didn't get to do the full ride out to the beach on our return to Adelaide, on October 3rd we rode our bikes (minus panniers and camping gear, thankfully!) into the train station in town, caught the train up to the hills to Belair Conservation Park, and rode into Crafers and back down into town along the bike path along the old freeway, and taking advantage of the nice weather (this time!) rode out towards Glenelg, up the coast along the beach, to the mouth of the Torrens at West Beach, along the Torrens past the city, ad back to our house. This was the way we'd wanted to complete the trip, and it felt like we finally got to close the book on that particular adventure.

But there have been plenty of other adventures. We flew over to Melbourne for the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention, I've been doing a lot of rockclimbing in the Adelaide hills. My dad and brother came over to Adelaide for family Christmas at our house, Yana and I went to Mt Arapiles in western Victoria (about halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide) with our friends Linda and Peter for some climbing around New Year's (and for which we also got to take a quick bus trip to see Yana parents for New Year's Eve itself), and spent as much time as possible enjoying the nice weather of summer. In terms of big travels, nothing much on the scale of our bike trip has happened lately, but I did head over to Europe for a work trip to a conference in Madrid, followed by visits to Nottingham, Utrecht and Golm. In the spirit of the bike trip, I did all my travel within Europe by surface transport (trains, buses, and boats). It's a nice way to see the countryside, and I look forward to riding across Europe with Yana someday on our next big bike adventure.

I guess that's all or now. All the best!

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