Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where's the Kaboom?

Total distance: 4321.2 km

By Sundance:

Last time, we had dropped in on Dan and Sarah and spent the night. We left their place after a delicious breakfast, and rode out westward to reconverge on the main road at Dripping Springs. At their recommendation we stopped into a wonderful cafe called Thyme & Dough for lunch, where the locals and staff enthusiastically quizzed us about our travels, fed us delicious sandwiches, and at closing time gave us free loaves of bread, apple turnovers, and other baked goodies. We then headed over to the local supermarket to restock a few necessary items like breakfast cereal. As tends to happen at times like this, while one person is in the store some friendly folks started chatting with the other person who's waiting and keeping an eye on the bikes and bags. A delightful lady named Leslie mentioned that the weather was going to be awful for a couple of days and offered to let us stay in a studio apartment her family owns. After a bit of thought we decided we'd prefer to be sociable than to push ourselves cross-country at a furious rate, and accepted.

On the way out to her place Yana actually saw a peacock fly across the road in front of us. I didn't see it in flight, but we did see a few of them hanging around in a paddock. Presumably someone in the area breeds the things.

Anyway, after a little winding along small roads and up hills we found Leslie's place, met her husband and settled into our new accommodations. The weather forecast claimed there would be thunderstorms Thursday and Friday, and while the weather was indeed misty and rainy, the promised Earth-shattering kabooms did not eventuate. Instead we have spent a couple of lazy days enjoying the hospitality of Leslie and her family, learning to use a hula-hoop, cooking yet more yummy food, and meeting their chooks, dogs and cats. So it seems like a good occasion to post some photos of our recent travels;

Loading our bikes for the trip back to where the grumpy cop told us we weren't allowed to ride through the rain.

Taking a break to stretch the spine, by a swampy Louisiana roadside.

The middle of a lake seems like an odd place for an electrical transformer station...

We're definitely in The South. Or possibly on the Riverworld.

A sugar cane processing factory that looks like it stepped right out of a film by Miyazaki.

All Hail hypnochook!

Yana and a teeny-weeny pony

Next time we'll try to post some pictures from our side-trip to Mexico, and further across Texas.

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