Sunday, December 20, 2009

We're still here (wherever here is!)

Total distance: 3525.9 km

By Sundance:

Okay, just a quick update to let everyone who reads this blog (both of you), know that we're still going, even though we haven't updated in a while. Since last time we've spent a weekend in Shreveport hanging out with couchsurfers, then headed back to New Orleans and spent a few days looking around the French Quarter, looking for xmas presents, riding around town on our bikes, riding through a torrential downpour to the area southwest of New Orleans , and we're currently passing through New Iberia, spending a few minutes online in a Tourist Info centre.

The landscape has changed from swamp and bayou to sugar cane plantations, and it reminds me of both Mexico and Queensland. And the weather is beautiful. Simply beautiful!

More details to follow when we have more time to spend online, I promise.

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