Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratuituous image post!

Total distance: 2317.1 km

By Yana:

This time I swear the actual writing will be in a nutshell, and the majority of this post will consist of various photos we have taken along the trip.  We have taken over 1000 by now, of course, so there's no way we could post all of them, but a few will pop up now and then.

Our course to where we are now has taken us to Hickman, where we crossed the ferry into Missouri, came back, then rode into Tennessee, thus having achieved three states in one day.  It was a tough day, but we did it.  Then it was off to Tiptonville. We dropped into the local police station to ask if there was anywhere in town to pitch a tent, and after some hunting around they put us in touch with the Reelfoot Lake Inn, who's owners said we could put up a tent on their lawn. When we arrived, the wonderful owners Ruben and Tina Rodriguez, instead let us have a room for free as well as a complimentary breakfast. So if you are ever in Tiptonville you should stay with them because they're really nice people. Next morning, we saw our first cotton fields and rode through a lot of flat countryside.  A little bit after it got dark, we turf surfed with a friendly couple and their numerous cats.  The following day, we pushed ourselves to one of our longest days yet (only the ride into Cleveland has this one beaten), and made it into Memphis, where we are now comfortably couch surfing/turf surfing while waiting for our muscles to recuperate, as we're both pretty stiff and sore.  Once we have run a few errands and seen a few sights, we will continue.


Clint does the macho thing with a possum that doesn't want to be stroked.


Yes, the things one learns on the road...

What can I say?  Huge rusty old chevies are love.

Holiday home?


 "Now, how best to navigate across the Mississippi..."


A bit of barren landscape that pleases the eye...

An empty little cabin on stilts.  What it was for is anyone's guess.


Crossing the mighty Mississippi.

Proof that we were there, even if it was only for a very short jaunt.

Straight-horned bovines.  What sort of evolutionary advantage they might serve is a mystery to us.


The light was against us at this point, but there you have it.

She's a master at posing. :-)


Ruben's handsome six-toed part-bobcat.


Ruben and Tina, in all their awesomeness.  Go visit them, 'cause they rock!


Crappie Wireless Internet!  Well, I suppose if it's false advertising, nobody will mind, right?

Pick a pod of cotton!

Cookin' in Memphis.


Nice comfy turf surf spot... it's actually the warmest we've been on this trip so far, not counting the times we slept indoors.

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  1. Can't believe you guys made it this far. Frackin' awesome. Good luck for what lies ahead!